Monday, November 12, 2012

Life is Pretty Wonderful.

"I AM SOOOO GOOD! On a scale of one to good, I am purple." AKA Geneil had a friend get baptized this weekend, who is now out converting the world basically, AND she did soooo well in her lesson today. This video is basically Geneil. Except instead of Geneil telling herself that she's great, other people told her! Important people! (important people other than me even!)

For me, Karstin Paulus Lake, life is good too! I am orchestrating a piano piece by MacDowell. If it turns out fantastically, I might even let you hear it! We shall see. I also can take a hot shower tonight because our water heater is fixed! "Hal-freaking-lu-ia." (remember the quotes are Geneil) I may or may not have been a snob this weekend and felt like I had such terrible trials... like not being able to take a shower on Sunday (you think I'm going to jump in a freezing shower with snow outside?) ...or not being able to wash my dishes in the dishwasher because the water wouldn't warm up. Psh. Obviously I would NEVER be that ridiculously snobby, right? Right....

Well Geneil and I are only friends sometimes now because we are always so busy. But Monday nights we are always at the HFAC 'til late and then come home and eat food and talk about life. So today we're buddies. "And we sit on the kitchen floor... or the counter... or the ceilings."

Our goal of the week: Be soooo good at eating every single day of our lives this week! "At least three meals... okay maybe two. That'd be a more achievable goal."

Peace out, cub scout!